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A full-body workout that combines both strength and flexibility training — Mix Yoga is the perfect go-to workout.

2020/08/18 By Coco

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and it continues to evolve and transform today (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha…and some with names that are oh-so-hard to pronounce!)

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I have always been in awe at how Jennifer Aniston and Jessical Biel can make aging look so good, as if their bodies defy time. It might be a good idea to note that both our Jessicas are true yogis. Yoga practice is a part of their weekly routine and it not only serves their physical well-being, but mentally, too. Om.

While we may not have access to all the crazy resources these A-listers get (pricey nutritionists, private one-on-one practices with personal trainers, the time…) but we can definitely get yoga-ing on our own. 

Take a look at one of the hottest practices of yoga today, Mix Yoga. Just as the name suggests, it is a happy mix of strength training and flexibility together in a flow of movements that works the entire body.

01 Eagle Crunch

A variation of the traditional crunches, core-focused and extends the entire body.

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  1. Lie down on your back.
  2. Cross the right knee over the left knee and the right arm over the left arm into a lying eagle pose.
  3. Inhale and extend the knees and arms outwards.
  4. Exhale and pull the arms and legs in, into a variation of the ab tuck.
  5. Repeat crunches for 20 seconds then switch knees and arms for another set of 20 seconds.

02 Side Plank Crunch

This waistline killer is an intense, omg-it-burns workout that will have your obliques and back muscles beg for mercy (while looking absolutely sizzling). 

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  1. Place your right hand and right foot on the ground and get into a side plank pose.
  2. Raise the left leg and arm up in the air to form a straight line, then bring the left knee up and elbow down so that they meet near the hips. Repeat movements for 10 seconds.
  3. Slowly turn your body and get on all fours into a plank pose.
  4. Flow into a downward facing dog. 
  5. Switch sides and repeat.

03 Low Boat

Another core-focused flow that will activate lower abs and burn the extra flabbiness away.

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  1. Lie on a yoga mat on your back with your knees bent, and lift your heels up until your calves are parallel to the ground.
  2. Extend and stretch your arms towards your toes.
  3. Inhale to bring your upper body and lower body together into a balanced seated position. Exhale and slowly lower your back and legs down to a low Boat pose.
  4. Repeat for 30 seconds.


Tip: Posture and movement accuracy is more important than speed! Make sure you’re being mindful of your form, engage your core at all times, and stay in control. You can do this!

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Wondercise Top Trainer – Chelsea Gates

A Sports TV host turned full-time yoga instructor in southern Florida, Chelsea Gates is famous for bringing new variations and energy to traditional yoga classes to enhance full-body fitness experiences.

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